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High rise window cleaning

High Level Cleaning

High level access cleaning solutions for commercial buildings

We clean the surfaces that other companies can’t reach!

Using an innovative, water-fed Reach and Wash system, our experienced team of high-level access cleaners can quickly and effectively clean away dirt, grime and staining from any high-level area.

Ideal for windows, panelling, cladding, fascias and roofs

High quality finish guaranteed

Filtered water for immaculate, smear-free glass

Environmentally friendly cleaning system

Up to 50ft reach

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Commercial Window Cleaning

Your high-level windows may be out of sight – but that doesn’t mean they should be out of mind. ProActive Support Services specialises in cleaning high rise, out-of-reach windows on commercial buildings.

Traditional and contemporary cleaning methods used

Wide range of machinery available

Experienced, fully trained staff

Bespoke quotes on request

Up to 68m reach

Brick & Stone Cleaning

We can offer fast, efficient cleaning solutions to tackle all types of stains. Our equipment is designed to remove all signs of moss and algae from the surface to provide you with first class results.

Gentle yet powerful cleaning techniques

Environmentally friendly solutions

Enhances the appearance of your building

Helps retain original features

Reduces the risk of structural or architectural damage

Gutter Cleaning

For many property owners, their gutter system is a secondary concern and is often neglected. It is important that you maintain a free-flowing gutter system by cleaning this out annually to prevent any unwanted blockages.

Safe, efficient commercial gutter cleaning solutions

Helps to prevent damage to walls and furnishings

Top machinery manned by fully trained operatives

Emergency response service available

Gutter maintenance quotes available

A blocked gutter can cause many problems as it means that rain will fall too close to your property and can cause subsequent expensive damage to walls, decorations, soft furnishings and carpets.

ProActive offer a professional trustworthy service to ensure that your gutter is clean and flowing water is kept away from your house properly.  This will help to protect your foundation and keep stains and damp from developing on your building.

Cladding and Façade Cleaning

In today’s competitive business environment, presentation is a key marketing tool for every industry and visitors have learned to expect a high standard of cleaning. A poorly maintained façade is not going to leave a positive impression.

Drawing upon state-of-the-art jet washers and DOFF steam cleaning systems, we have the tools, the techniques and the expertise to remove all dirt and staining from building façades.

Range of market-leading equipment available

Effectively cleans hard-to-reach surfaces

Works on stone, brick, glass and metal façades

Operates from street level or high-level areas

High standards of cleaning, every time

Whatever your specialist high-level cleaning requirements, we will almost certainly have a cost-effective solution to meet your needs. Contact ProActive Support Services today to discuss your high-level cleaning project in more detail.

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